Wallahi, for the sake of Allah.. I give bai’at (pledge) to Allah through (represented by) the Ulil Amri, that:

1. I would not associate Allah with anything nevertheless.

2. I will not steal, fornicate, gamble, lie and violate Allah’s prohibitions.

3. I am ready to hear and obey the command of Allah, obey the command of the Prophet, and the command of my Ulil Amri, whenever and wherever.

4. I am ready to sacrifice anything (with all of my ability) for the establishment of Dienul Islam.

5. If (in case) in the future, I accidentally violated and/or betrayed this bai’at, then I am ready and willing to be prosecuted along the justice of Islamic law.

May Allah accept my bai’at, and grant me the ability to carry out the sacred duty (Li i’laikalimatillah), also forgive and bless me, Aamiin.. Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar!!

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